Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Faithful Slave

There is no JW today that can unequivocally give you the proof that you are looking for that we are a people for his name. Take for example the issue of the faithful slave. Jesus asked a question “Who is really the faithful Slave whom he appoint over his belongings?” The Watchtower hijacked that and says that they are the faithful slave and they are already blessed with his belongings just at the time they were still precisely like the churches.

Most of us know that the identification of the faithful slave is done on the final day when Jesus will reward those who are found to be faithful in there service, for Jesus said “HE WHO ENDURES TO THE END will get everlasting life” whether in heaven or on earth. If the faithful slave already got there promises now by Jesus appointing them over his belonging wouldn’t that make Jesus a liar? Since he said that it is only by enduring to the end that gives the reward how do we explain that the brothers already have the reward according to them?

Secondly, how come we even know who the faithful slaves are? Didn’t the parable in Mathew 25: 31-40 said that there was an element of surprise there? That during the separation work when the sheep were taken to the right hand side that they said “Lord when did we see you Hungry and feed you and Jesus replied them and said as long as you did it to one of the little ones. If the faithful slave are the little ones and we know them today to be around 8000 people left and we do good to them today because we know them, where is that element of surprise? Does not the fact that the watchtower says that only those with heavenly hope should partake from the memorial emblem that makes us to think we know who they are? Supposed that everyone partakes of the emblem like all first century’s Christians did wouldn’t that surprise element be back.

To be able to understand why we are not a people for his name, there are many other fundamental issues that most JW cannot accept at this time that I will try to explain.

When humans went wrong Jehovah made a promised to Abraham that he was going to bless him with a nation thereby instituting the first covenant which is stated from Genesis to Malachi. The CHURCHES rightly called this the OLD TESTAMENT. The promise made to Abraham (Israel) was fulfilled with Jesus like we all know. Then a NEW COVENANT was made with Jesus and that is stated in Mathew to Revelation which the CHURCHES rightly called the NEW TESTAMENT. Why is the understanding of the testament issue a big key? Like you know a testament can only be opened and applied when the owner of the testament is death. (Read Paul’s account in the whole of Hebrews and you will get it) As it were the Israelites were death in the eyes of GOD when they killed his son. When the old covenant was removed the day Jesus died the Old Testament made way for the New Testament which has different responsibility for the people of GOD. From that time on any body that puts faith in Jesus will be saved.

Here comes the interesting path. The name JESUS, Jeshua in Hebrews means JEHOVAH IS SALVATION, so anybody that shout the name of Jesus and believes in it will be saved, because Jesus is the fulfillment of the name of JEHOVAH. If you say Jesus you automatically say JEHOVAH IS MY SALVATION and therefore glorifying JEHOVAH. Since Jesus is the start of the NEW covenant, the final fulfillment will be fulfilled after the 1000 years of Christ reign when he will hand over everything back to his father. Any groups of Christians today that insist of going back to the OLD covenant and shouting on the name of Jehovah everyday is wasting his time because that will be nullifying the sacrifice of Jesus. That was what the Israelites did also. They wanted to be under the law even when Jehovah wanted to remove them from it. Today JW want to be under the old covenant even when Jesus has fulfilled it, but WHY?

The answer to that is simple. The yoke for Christians in the New Testament is simple and sometimes too simple and not heavy at all which is as follows:

(1) Love Jehovah your God above any other thing.
(2) Love your neighbors as yourself
(2) Have faith in Jesus (in fact Jesus said “no one comes to the father except through me”) NOT the organization.

We as a religion have spent valuable time wasted in studying the old testament and learning how Jehovah is a god of war, how he killed thousands in one day, how he annihilated that nation and this nation and on and on. When what is important is LOVE. How many time do we spend studying about love, what it means, how to do it and so forth? We are stuck in the old prophesies hoping that they should have a modern day fulfillment when JESUS already fulfilled the Old Testament

JW are Christians who have to uphold there faith like any other Christians and they will also be judged in the final hour each one on his own. (NO difference with other Churches)

JW have no special privileges from Jehovah because Jesus said already whosoever have faith in me will gain everlasting life. He did not say any JW that have faith in him (NO difference with other Churches)

The fact is do some JW meet to these requirements? Partially YES and so are many other people today from other Christian religion.

The reason the Watchtower gives for not meeting to these requirements fully is that we are not perfect and regarding the bible prophesies that we interpreted wrongly they say in the series of talks from the circuit overseer last year that Jehovah never punish any body because they have a wrong understanding. If that is the case why should Jehovah punish other people who are not JW because they have wrong understanding of the scriptures at any particular time? At least JW think so. Wouldn’t that make Jehovah partial and nullified the sacrifice of Jesus for all mankind and thereby rendering the judgment unfair?

When Jesus was dying, the thief next to him said “remember me in your paradise” and Jesus promised to remember him in his paradise. My question is what did this thief do to be remembered? It seems NOTHING at the first glance. But he had faith in Jesus which is one of the requirements to get life. So he got life. Now tell me why shouldn’t Jesus today grand life to someone in his dying bed that is not a JW that recognized the salvation that Jesus provides and asked him of that quietly?

If you are still wondering were I am coming from let me take you to the past to Genesis maybe that will clear things up. Today the Watchtower tells us that the issue that is still being proven is the issue of universal sovereign. NOW go back and researched this and you will start to see that:

1. The issue at stake was always the issue of FAITH and that has been the theme of the bible from Genesis. When Adam and Eve were created they were asked not to eat a fruit and they have to prove there faith in Jehovah by listening and trusting that he was right.
2. NOAH has to have faith even if he never saw rain before and build a massive ark. Interestingly the nation of those days did not have to join him in building the ark. They ONLY have to have FAITH in Jehovah and go into the ARK with NOAH and that is what they did not do that they died from at the end.
3. Please go to and read the account of FAITH in Hebrews then you will see that it was always about faith and not the issue of universal sovereign.

Someone would say how do you explain the account of Genesis when Satan challenged Jehovah? Please go and read it again Satan did not challenge Jehovah. The bible says he deceived Eve. Even Paul said it that EVE was DECEIVED and not Jehovah was CHALLENGED.

What about the account in the heaven when Satan came in when the sons of God were meeting? That is the watchtower,s second example of the challenge. Again I cannot see it. The Interesting thing here is that IT WAS JEHOVAH that challenged Satan with a DUAL in JOB 1:8 Jehovah said to Satan. “Have you not set your heart upon my servant job, that there is no one like him in the earth…?.” In another word I challenge you to go and try him. But before Satan could accept this he told Jehovah that it was because Jehovah was doing well for Job that is why Job was serving him. At that time Jehovah took off the gloves as it were. That issue of FAITH was proven and Satan failed.

This account was simply a test of faith, to see if Job will be faithful. Ironically if you go to the new word translation the heading of the page with this account is titled “SATAN question Job’s integrity. TEST. JOB FAITHFUL in my bible it is on page 670. So it was not the issue of universal sovereign but FAITH.

Read on to the time of Jesus. Jesus has to prove faithful to the end, what ADAM could not do. He did it and THANK GOD that is why we have a chance today to get life.

NOW we want to prove the issue of universal sovereign. “How can we prove that when that was never the issue? Paul said that EVEN the demons knows the existence of GOD and fear him. This again is a BIG BURDEN that JW are carrying.

When Jehovah called a meeting all the angels came and SATAN too. But when Satan calls a meeting only the demons come and he still not know that Jehovah is the universal sovereign?

The final account was that of Jesus when Satan showed him the whole world and say to him to worship him and he will give everything to him, Well Satan could have owned the world’s rulership but not the EARHT? JESUS created the universal and owned it through his father including the earth and Satan knew that. He knew that Jesus will one day be the ruler over all things. AGAIN this had to do with FAITH. Will Jesus prove faithful?

Now the question is if we today are in the dark as to basic concept of faith and have carried the burden that was not meant for us does that really mean we are the only God’s people? NO. WE ARE GOD’S PEOPLE by the virtue of doing his will but NOT the ONLY ones.

NOW lets take the modem day development of JW into consideration. When Jehovah appointed Moses to be a mediator he gave him power to be able to prove to others including pharaoh so that they will believe that he was sent by the almighty GOD.

When Jesus was made a mediator between GOD and MAN he was given huge powers to prove to people including his disciples that he was sent by JEHOVAH

Today we are told that he has chosen the faithful slave to be MEDIATOR between Man and CHRIST thereby rendering Jesus’ sacrifice for all mankind useless and yet there is no prove to this and we believe that they are right. Have you ever thought that this concept IS THE DISGUSTING THING THAT CAUSES DESOLUTION?

Has the power of Jehovah to clarify things weakened? If not why did he send Russell first to the Pyramid of Egypt for explanations? Didn’t GOD warned Israel to stay away from EGYPT and don’t go to them for any support. So why now should he awaken his people by first sending them back to find the answers in Egypt?

What Russell did is not more than what people have done in the past. Constantine initiated what now is the Catholic Church. Go and read the history book and yet you will know the true story about Constantine and not what the Watchtower say he was. After so many years in the reformation by reading the bible other churches broke out of the Catholic Church, because they saw that some of the teachings of the catholic were wrong, these included the Reformist and the Protestant. At that time the leaders of the Catholic Church were also afraid of the brake away so they initiated heavy punishment for those reading the bible and coming out of the church. That is what we call today disfellowship, sound familiar?

Later other people among the new churches that broke away from the catholic were also not happy because yet again they found that others things were wrong again and yet they broke away and other churches were formed. Guess what? That was when Russell came out. At that time the new groups thought that going to heaven as fast as possible and interpreting the prophesies were the way forward so they came out with lots of interpretation that were all wrong.

Now we are in the beginning of a cross road among JW. Many are now discovering that JW is not all it seems to be and that many of the things we are doing and teaching cannot be supported from the bible, so we have the internet and we try to encourage each other. It is only a question of time before the Devil map out an eloquent and charismatic person like Russell and Rutherford and then brake away from among JW. Everything we talk about now that are wrong with JW will be discarded in the new group and new things will be incorporated. They will claim to be the new people of GOD. Then the dance will start again after so many years. History does not repeat itself but human do. This will go on and on until Jehovah say it is time out. Have you even thought of the fact that Jeremiah 10: 23 refers to this.

The truth of the matter is that there are millions of people today on earth that have the truth and they are not all JW but from every nation even within nations that have no single JW. These people know the truth because. Jesus has the word of truth and Peter said this and these words of truth are in the bible. Anyone seeking it will find it Jesus promised. Once you find it then you need to put faith in it and not in the interpretation of the truth by a group of men. The truth when you find it you will know because your heart will be relieved from pressure. Pressure from feeling guilty because you miss the meetings, pressure that you only spent 2 hours in the field service. Pressure that you have to say everywhere you go that you are a JW that you do not do this and that. Pressure that you have to follow what the watchtower says, and the list goes on. It is then that the truth will set you free.

Any group of people trying to do the will of God is acceptable to him why? Because he uses those he feels like using. Have you ever wonder why JW cannot put there foot on the ground where the Churches were not successful in the past, like Iraq, India, China and many other parts of the world. If we were people for his name couldn’t he speed it up that we are huge in India today. The population of India and China total 2 billion at least. Do you know that if the Churches did not fight the crusade in Europe that we all should be Moslems today? The Geographical line between Christian nations and Moslem is drawn where the crusaders draw it. Do you think that Jehovah may have had a hand in that?

So, in all the centuries the light has always got brighter among MANKIND and when it does they will move further spiritually, The PATH of the righteous ones does not mean JW but all humans that are righteous and his light will get brighter.

In the final analysis when the light is in the brightest then humans will know that according to Jeremiah 10:23 that “it does not belong to an earthly man to direct his steps” talk less of directing the step of another one. They will realize what Jesus said that they will serve Jehovah with there heart and soul and that you do not get salvation by belonging to ANY group of religion although, this can help you to stay spiritually guided, it is not the means to the end.. (I know this raise more questions and I will put in more in the forum as we go along.